Our Brand Difference

Duralactin® Products

  • Can be used for many different types of inflammation
  • Inhibit neutrophil migration—an alternative approach to managing inflammation
  • Do not have the side effects associated with other therapies
  • Do not require an initial administration for the first 4-6 weeks, which can lead to additional costs for you, the pet owner
  • Include formulations that only need to be given once a day
  • Have a taste dogs and cats love

Choose Duralactin® products as part of your pet’s wellness plan.

  • Duralactin® products can be use alone as a nutraceutical or in combination with other therapies as your veterinarian recommends. The following pets may benefit from taking Duralactin® products:
    • Dogs, cats and horses to help support normal activity and wellness.
    • Breeds that are prone to inflammation
    • Older pets to help support mobility
    • Pets that cannot take other therapies or pets that are not responding to other therapies

Find Duralactin® featured in the Summer 2022 Issue of Modern Dog in the Healthy Paws Feature!

Make inflammation management a veterinary priority.

For patients showing signs of inflammation, consider Duralactin® products as part of your wellness plans.