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Use Duralactin® products to improve your patients’ quality of life

Duralactin® products may be used as a primary supplement to manage inflammation and to support normal activity and wellness. Response is expected in 4-7 days with peak response in 10-14 days.

Duralactin® Product Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Unique approach to inflammation
  • Available in different formulations
  • Can be used alone or with other therapies
  • Ideal for long term use and high risk animals
  • Easy client compliance
  • Easy to give
  • 100% product guarantee

Make Duralactin® products part of your treatment and wellness plans.

Use Duralactin® products for these patients

  • Patients with chronic inflammation
  • Patients that need long-term therapy
  • Older patients (dogs and cats >7 years)
  • High-risk patients (hepatitis, renal, GI)
  • Patients that do not respond to other therapies
  • Patients that experience adverse effects to other therapies
I have been using Duralactin® for many years and find it to be a great alternative for dogs that can not tolerate other therapies.  It’s well tolerated and many owners report significant improvement while taking Duralactin®.

Leilani Alvarez, DVM

I often recommend Duralactin® for patients suffering from chronic joint pain.  Many clients report an improvement in their pets mobility within a few weeks of starting Duralactin®.  This supplement is an important tool for treating inflammation, whether it is used alone in mild cases, or as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan for severely affected patients.

Cristy L. Towers, DVM

Duralactin® is my go-to supplement for arthritis, especially when the pet is in pain. I’ve had great results using this product.

Rachael M. Ragozzino, DVM

Duralactin® Technical Monograph


  • Inflammation: A double-edged sword
  • The inflammatory process
  • MicroLactin: A defense against inflammation
  • Target animal studies
  • References

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