A smart defense against inflammation.

Duralactin® products can not only help manage different types of inflammation, they’re ideal therapeutic options for helping maintain normal wellness.

For long-term management of inflammation. Duralactin® products:

  • Help manage inflammation with factors that inhibit neutrophil participation in the inflammatory response
  • Do not have the side effects of other therapies
  • Are one of the few therapies available for inflammation in cats
  • Are backed by science
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I started Cody on Duralactin® Canine Joint Plus Soft Chews and within one week, he was pushing me off the bed and getting right back on the couch. During the second week, he was bouncing off the wall as he greeted me at the door. By the sixth week, he was playing like a puppy, following me around with his tug-of-war rope. So, a heartfelt, tear-filled “Thank you” to the makers of Duralactin® for helping my best friend.

Rebecca Bailey, Cody’s Owner

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