Success Stories

Make inflammation management a veterinary priority.

The best evidence of how Duralactin works is the success stories of our patients. Since some of them haven’t mastered Human Speak yet, we asked their owners to share. Scroll through to find out what they have to say about the Inflammation Tamer!

I have been using Duralactin® products for about 4 years now. I started using it on our Chihuahua named Pancho. Pancho was adopted from a shelter with bilaterally luxating patellas. He had a hard time with stairs, moved around very slowly, and his patellas were often luxated. After a few weeks of being on Duralactin, he started moving much more freely and was going up and down stairs quickly. Now he runs around so much, I have nicknamed him “Thunderpaws”! I now recommend this to all my patients with arthritis concerns. One horse had chronic forelimb lameness due to repeated injuries to the same limb. She would get severe diarrhea on Phenylbutazone; therefore, we tried Duralactin, and were able to get her sound again. Another horse had severe chronic laminitis. We started Duralactin as we did not want to give any higher doses of NSAIDS. This horse improved greatly with Duralactin. Another horse had stifle soreness and had missed a season of competition. After the last relapse, we started Duralactin and the horse is now returning to work. I have been very happy with the results of using Duralactin. I normally see favorable response within a couple of weeks and have had no negative side effects.

Travis McKinzie, DVM Washington State
Pancho, Chihuahua

Max has hiked and backpacked with me since she was a young pup. About three years ago, she started slowing down. I started her on a glucosamine and chondroitin product, which seemed to help for about a year and a half. A friend suggested that I try Duralactin®. Max has been doing great on this new product. At the end of this summer, we completed an eleven mile hiking trip in the Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho to a lake at 8,000 ft elevation. There was a 3,000 ft elevation gain on this hike. Max came back in better shape than I did!! She’s still going strong. Thank you, Duralactin® and VPL!!

Terry Blackwell
Max, 13 year old female Queensland Blue Heeler

I started using Duralactin® for my Shiba Inu. He had an intermittent limp that seemed to originate in his shoulder. Other harsh therapies seemed to do the trick but they were not a long term option. When I started using Duralactin®, my dog was able to get the same relief without the risks.

Mitze Reid
Sasuke, 9 year old Shiba Inu

Hi. My name is Sugar and I am a 4 1/2 year old registered Wire Fox Terrier who was rescued. Shortly after my first birthday, I began to limp and eventually stopped using my right hind leg. My doctor put me on Duralactin® which got me walking on all fours again! I take my Duralactin® every day without hesitation – it even tastes good! I do limp a little if it is rainy or if I have played too hard, but I am still the fastest runner of all the dogs on my ranch.

Terry Blackwell

Max, 13 year old female Queensland Blue Heeler


Duralactin® products come with a risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee when purchased through your veterinarian. If you are not completely satisfied with any of the products, you are eligible for a refund or product replacement. PRN Pharmacal believes a veterinarian is the only qualified professional to serve as your pet’s primary health care provider and is the most dependable source for your pet’s health care products.