Where to Buy Duralactin®

As a company we are committed to serve animals, animal owners, the veterinary market community, and our supply chain partners. Product obligations, such as the PRN Pharmacal Satisfaction Guarantee on non-prescription PRN Pharmacal products, will only be met when PRN Pharmacal products are purchased through Authorized Sellers.

Authorized Sellers:

Veterinary Practices owned by or employing licensed veterinarians to provide veterinary medical services.

Pattern Inc. d/b/a iServe or Borderless acts as PRN Pharmacal’s exclusive partner and only authorized online seller through Amazon.

Authorized ePharmacies that purchase PRN Pharmacal products from Authorized Wholesalers and have been authorized to sell PRN Pharmacal products online.

Authorized Retailers that purchase PRN Pharmacal products from Authorized Distributors and sell PRN
Pharmacal products within their stores (not online). These include mass retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Tractor Supply Company, etc. and pet specialty stores, such as PetSmart, Petco, Pets Supplies Plus, etc.

If Duralactin® is not currently stocked, ask your retailer to add it.

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