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Duralactin® products are derived from milk and can help your companion animal live a comfortable and active life.

What is Duralactin®?

Duralactin® products contain MicroLactin®, a patented dried milk protein from the milk of hyperimmunized cows. MicroLactin® dried milk protein contains factors that appear to block cytokines to inhibit neutrophil participation in the inflammatory response. This reduces inflammation and helps prevent subsequent tissue damage caused by excess neutrophil infiltration. At this level, Duralactin® products help reduce chronic inflammation at the cellular level and so do not affect protective prostaglandin activity.

The anti-inflammatory activity is effective regardless of the etiology of inflammation and appears to function with little evidence of gastro-intestinal irritation. Supporting normal activity and wellness, Duralactin® products are ideal therapeutic options for the management of chronic inflammation where neutrophils are known to participate.

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